Race 13 - Day 6
Crew Diary - Derry-Londonderry to Liverpool
27 July

Ray Gibson
Ray Gibson
Team GREAT Britain
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Leg 8 – Race 13 – Day 6 – Ray Gibson

To my fellow circumnavigators, Tessa, Jon, Phil and Pippa, thank you for an amazing eleven plus months. We stuck it out together through the good, and not so good, and made it back home. I have enjoyed your company and your support and could not have wished to sail the world with finer sailors and wish you all the best for the future. My deepest regret is that Simon isn’t with us to share this day.

To Thomas and all the mutileggers and leggers, a huge thank you as well. To family, friends and supporters, we couldn’t do this without your blessing and support, so our gratitude goes out to you. A special thank you to Halina who has always encouraged me in every way and makes everything I do feel worthwhile.

As this adventure comes to an end I have thought about what my most memorable moment was. There are so many great memories, but having a beer in Moby Dicks in Punta Del Este and turning around and seeing my son Paul standing behind me so completely unexpectantly must rank number one.

Finally, to Andy and Dave, two very different individuals who have lead us along the way with their own personal style. It was a great pleasure to sail with you both and I thank you for your knowledge and leadership.

On behalf of the crew and myself I hope we passed the audition.