Race 1 - Day 32
Crew Diary - Race 1 Day 32: Liverpool to Punta del Este
21 September

Edmund Aldworth
Edmund Aldworth
Team GREAT Britain
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Reading the utterly brilliantly written blogs from some of the others on this boat as I try and put some words together for my final one, I realise I should have paid more attention at school.

But however academically inept I may be, I am what I am so it's simply written and one from the heart so here goes...

Whether I end up doing another leg in this race or not, I've achieved an ambition by crossing an ocean. Doing it in the company of 19 relative strangers has been part of the challenge and the fun. It's a unique environment in which we're not just learning about sailing but about ourselves and each other. Many of the people I've met on this Clipper Race experience through training and on this boat have made a positive impact on my life and with whom I hope to remain friends for years to come. So if I've learnt anything from a month racing a sail boat across an ocean, it's that it's the people in your life that matter. Winning would, of course, be nice but without your friends and relationships it means nothing. Naturally, this includes other important relationships in my life.

On the boat it's been a combination of mostly highs and occasional lows, disasters and triumphs, with tears of sadness and laughter too and I'd like to extend my thanks to all the crew who've made the lows bearable and the highs memorable with my sincere apologies to any of those I've upset along the way when I've become irritable.

In addition to John's superb blog I'd like to offer my personal thanks to Andy, our Skipper, who listens, teaches, manages and encourages us all to better our sailing knowledge. His understanding and support when I totally shredded his beloved Code 2 kite was comforting.

He knew just how bad I felt.

He's assured and professional in every respect, a credit to the Clipper Race and a truly worthy Skipper for the GREAT Britain team and brand.

But I save my final words for Spencer J Bienvenue the third...

This articulate young man, only 2 years older than my own daughter, is amazing.

He has led our team through evolution after evolution, assisting us all without a hint of impatience.

He's knowledgeable, authoritative, calm, modest and mature way beyond his years. He's a fun guy who's an absolute pleasure to be around and I couldn't have wished for a better watch leader.

He is a truly outstanding man with a brilliant future.

Spencer, I thank you.

Over and out,