Race 1 - Day 5
Crew Diary - Race 1, Day 5: Liverpool to Punta del Este
24 August

Miles Berry
Miles Berry
Team Greenings
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Well here we are, 'racing' through the Bay of Biscay at the not-quite-so-nosebleeding pace of 1.9kt in complete isolation from the rest of the fleet (note to Skipper: do not leave strategic planning in the hands of the crew next time!).

The tears of Albert Dock quayside swiftly gave way to tight, apprehensive smiles and the occasional grimace as we found ourselves on the “Race of Our Lives”. Team development has been hitherto mentioned and whilst very evident, emergence of the dramatis personae of Greenings is also occurring.

Act 1, Scene 1 has Dragon Lady - those of you joining later legs will undoubtedly become rapidly acquainted with her – and her nascent matriarchy (Editor's note: Dragon Lady is the Crew's term for the yacht). Those alarmed by the hypothesis of male extinction may find supportive evidence aboard CV24. Those with more than the minimum required quantity of X chromosomes may be licking their lips in quiet anticipation, however, beware the gimlet gaze and baleful glare of disapproval that seems to somehow remind one of all the little jobs not yet completed. In fact, a call to the headmaster's office engenders similar emotions and is quite probably preferable.

To loved ones at home, worry not, all are well and thriving. To fellow Greenings crew, we are straining every sinew to hand over the baton in a reasonable position and look forward to welcoming you aboard.

More news of the cast of Team Greenings tomorrow...