Race 14 - Day 9
Crew Diary - Race 14 Day 9
08 July

Vince Pearson
Vince Pearson
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Not sure who wrote the song about “tying a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree" but it has the line: “I am coming home, I’ve done my time.” It popped into my head two nights ago and whilst that is true we still have a long way to go and we must cast aside those premature thoughts of hugs, smiles and of course the Guinness. The last time I tasted the black stuff in Ireland it seemed a notch above what you get elsewhere so hope this remains the case.

Anyway enough of next week, and what news on Imagine your Korea? Mood and morale are generally upbeat despite our last position and the gamble to try and do more miles for favourable currents which has not paid off. There is more frustration from some of the Round the Worlders about the gap to the front of the fleet but it's clear that those that headed north at the start have had consistently strong winds so we just have to take it on the chin and move on. For many of us the sailing in strong winds in the last few days have been magical and at times exhilarating. However thirty mile plus winds recently were a real challenge physically and whilst it was great to be selected to helm it did feel a big responsibility and we had to rotate amongst Fran, Rob S and myself in thirty minute slots as it was just so demanding both physically and mentally.

Earlier in the week was both Mother Day for me and Richard, and my wedding anniversary so a big shout out for LB and hope the stay at Tom’s and the journey back went okay. I am sure she will be delighted to know I marked the occasion by having a fresh water bucket wash and some clean underwear. Instead of my usual quiz we had a watch challenge devised by the Skipper with some NYC chocolates as the prize. It was a bowline knot relay and Annette, Rob and Manny narrowly defeated Sir Nick, Gill and Jamie. However a steward’s enquiry was lodged due to some diversionary tactics employed by James in questioning the integrity of Nick's knot which certainly put him off. That said, by the time the stewards had convened, the chocolates had been consumed with giggles from the winning watch. Hope everyone at home is well and happy birthday shouts next week to Lynda and to my sister, Gina.