Race 15 - Day 2
Crew Diary - Race 15 Day 2
25 July

Jo Warne
Jo Warne
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Firstly, a massive thank you to Derry~Londonderry for such a warm welcome! A fantastic stopover, where we all felt like minor celebrities. Safe to say we partied hard, drank and ate our own bodyweight and had a whole lot of fun!

In our crew briefing by Rob, he told us that we'd get all weather in our last race, and he wasn't wrong. Just after Race Start, the wind dropped off which saw us all floating about trying to catch the little puffs of breeze. When we finally got out to open sea, we saw a fishing buoy and gave it a boats length berth... however, it seemed to be trailing a net below, which ended up catching round the rudder & in effect parking us up for nearly an hour whilst we tried to get it off - arghh! Finally managed to work itself off of our boat and we were off, however that meant we'd lost quite a few miles off of everyone… BOO!

The wind slowly picked up, as did the sea state and inevitably the green eyed monster made its appearance, affecting most of the crew. The weather seems to have passed now, sea state has settled and most of us are back to normal. The current view on our starboard side is pretty stunning and we are chugging along slowly making ground on Zhuhai. Nearly home time for us and the end of a rather cool adventure. Hope everyone is safe & sound back home, see you all in a few days, Jo x