Race 13 - Day 6
Crew Diary - Derry-Londonderry to Liverpool
27 July

Philip Wilkinson
Philip Wilkinson
Team Nasdaq
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So we're at the end of our race and we will all be in Liverpool tomorrow. It hasn't been an easy race for me after ripping my middle finger open during a difficult sail drop. I have now been forced to look at the nav and shout at my watch. Apparently that's Rob's job so he's obviously annoyed by the competition. I'm used to jumping around and helping wherever is necessary but now I've been forced to sit by, ask for help (something I'm not used to doing...), and sulk as the rest of the crew got stuck in. It didn't help starting this race feeling low about the end of it and other things and 4 hours in I've been relegated to a spectator. My watch has had to put up with me as I've been so grumpy. They've been great babysitters. They're all coming up with policies to prevent myself from being injured. Suggestions include: a toddler harness, a straight jacket, all swimming pools to be a minimum of two meters deep, and getting me off the boat.

Andy ''kite slayer'' Greenough has had to put up with me pointing out the fact he has torn all the kites. He wrecked the windseeker this race completing the set, hit a lobster pot, and threw the boat hook overboard this week. He also has had to helm four times as much (so about forty minutes). He's had a tough race, if you see him in Liverpool please buy him a pint, give him a big hug and tell him everything is going to be okay. I'm sorry mate.

Sophia and Mike have had to put up with me sulking and grumbling about being hurt and old. Also I call Mike 'Chicken Little' … that pisses him off, and Sophia has constantly told me off for trying to go on the bow. Both of them have done a great job in my stead and I feel a bit threatened about my position on board.

Old man Peter Speight was my watch partner on this race and had to do a lot of the jobs on his own. He told me he was happy to do them but I have had my doubts when he fell down the deck and crushed my damaged finger against the grinder. I guess I should have done a bilge or two.

JW patched me up after the incident and several times when I kept reopening the wound. I did feel bad when I had to stop him from sewing the windseeker to come and patch me up.

Richard has always been looking on the brightside of things and it's obviously been pissing me off in my grumpy state. Yeah I didn't stand for it. I was forced to have a word with him.

I don't mess with Linda – She's my favourite.

As we come closer to the end of the race I have to thank all the people that have shared this experience. Although I haven't got along with everyone we've all worked together to reach this end. We've grown closer as we braved windholes and gales working towards each finish line. I've never worked with such a diverse group of people and I count myself fortunate to know you all. We've been there for each other when we needed to and so I thank you fellow Nasducklings for being my family. I look forward to seeing many of you again in Liverpool. This race has brought many people together on our boat and within the fleet. I'm thankful for everyone that I've come into contact with this year. We're a close knit community even when we're racing and I'll miss you all. Now enough of that emotional stuff it's time to be grumpy again.