Race 12 - Day 12
Crew Diary - Race 12, Day 12: New York to Derry-Londonderry
08 July

Linda Mcdavitt
Linda Mcdavitt
Team Nasdaq
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Hello All,

First a big thanks to Skipper Rob and the Nasdaq crew for welcoming two more Greenings crew, myself and Lucas.

Everyone has been very helpful and informative in getting us accustomed to their method of madness. I especially like the way we are paired up on all the duties, Navigation and log, deck and trim, heads, bilges and repeat. Each watch shift you change duties which makes it much more entertaining than doing the same duty for a full day. The one 24 hour duty is Mother Duty which needs a full day's attention. After Mother duty your partner changes and then you enjoy working with a a new buddy and getting to know them.

Next on my list is a hats off to the race officials for some great modifications/changes to the way the boat is set up. Being a 2015-16 Round the Worlder I really like what I have come to use. The new jackstrap arrangement allowing one to get everywhere tethered is awesome. The new tethers which have some stretch and give in the long one is great for clipping on and off as we move about. I can't go anywhere without clipping on. Tony, friend from 2015-16, you would be proud of me as I am always checking to count the clips. Only twice have I been able to count three on... The double preventer system is also neat as there is never any preventer line caught under the sails when they are down. Thank you Clipper Race Officials!

Now a story about Mother Duty. My buddy was this Leprechaun of a Scottish lady named Allison. Short, bright blue eyed and never still. At first I was a bit nervous as she said she didn't cook and all my friends can tell you I definitely can't cook. So I started the day by setting up breakfast...getting the cereal out, getting porridge ready to go (thanks to Dave who was my mentor and guide), getting cups and bowls ready, condiments for the toast, bread sliced, drink ingredients down, etc.

Then to wake up my partner for the day. Breakfast was a true Comedy Club. Allison was awesome as she put together all the drinks, asked who wanted what (as we served each person, no free for all on Nasdaq), put together the porridge orders and kept us on schedule.

As she swiftly moved about I was working the bread, butter and whatever part. However, my lack of hearing and ability to understand some of the foreign accents provided some strange moments. Marmalade and Marmite sound the same to me, biscuits and dishes sound the same, etc., etc. So it became an interesting time to see what someone might end up with on their toast. Our watch especially enjoyed the meal. I didn't think they would ever go off to bed!!! The rest of the day was full of moments of flat water and loving it as we could get lots done and more moments of 45+ degree of angle while trying to open cans, fix food, keep food, cups, etc. from sliding off the counter while constantly washing dishes to try to stay ahead of Allison. A fun time and we even smiled a wee bit when it started pouring down rain outside and we were inside watching as dishes were done.

All for now except one question. I am doing this leg again to officially cross the finish line as I was airlifted off 10 miles from the finish in the 2015-16 race due to a dislocated shoulder that popped back into place while still on the boat. Crew member Dave has been with us for over 2,000 miles with a serious dislocation/possible fracture of shoulder/collar bone. Hmmmm??? The good news is that though I am two years older and slower, I am enjoying my time on Nasdaq, really love the crew and once again experiencing some great people, new cultures and friendships.

Life is good.