Race 13 - Day 4
Crew Diary - Derry-Londonderry to Liverpool
25 July

Christoforos Chatzikomis
Christoforos Chatzikomis
Team Qingdao
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Hello to all the listeners of Qingdao radio, you are listening at 29 on your CV radio ;),

This will be one of our last shows and it will be a big one!!

Day 4 of race 13 and we have for you today a very full show but first the news:

- Today's news are related with life on the boat: the wind has picked up and life on board has gone for good into 45 degrees. However , morale on board is at very high levels, aided by the sunshine and the increase in the temperatures.

In other news, race 13 is turning out to be another exciting one with the boats constantly exchanging positions. For the latest, check in Clipper Round the World website. Back to the studio.

- If that was not exciting news then what is? And now to our culinary section:

- Hello from the galley (French accent and French music in the background). Today's menu has been carefully planned and sourced from local producers in the area of Londonderry-Derry from the victualler and thoroughly prepared from the mother watches. It includes eggs and bacon for breakfast, Coca-Cola chicken wraps for lunch and Cincinnati style chilli (the latter courtesy of Mac, both for sourcing and preparing). All the above are complemented by various sugary, savoury, sometimes fruity and definitely chocolatey snacks, strategically scattered around the boat so that you can never be far from food.

Back to the studio.

- That is a great meal plan, now lets change to our health section in order to burn those calories:

- Hello from the gym studio (loud upbeat music in the background),. Today we will focus in all-round exercise. We start with balancing off the top bunk while the yacht is at 45 degrees. This will improve your feet strength as you are pressing against the opposite wall to get out as well as your core while trying to maintain balance1.5-2 meters above the floor. We continue with stretching while trying to hang -up your foul weather gear which is significantly higher now that the boat is heeling over. We then move on to core exercise for the mother watch who are excelling in handing over food and utensils while the boat is moving with waves. Finally to close the day we have groups of exercises while on deck. These include abs while sitting on deck, shoulders while grinding, arms while crawling under the traveler and back while sweatting the halyard. Our on deck training routine is a courtesy of Ali. Back to the studio.

-Phewwwgh, that is hard exercise...

On that last healthy note we will leave you for today.

Thank you to all our listeners that have followed us around the world throughout the year and we hope you enjoyed the journey through the (radio) waves.