Race 1 - Day 4
Crew Diary - Race 1, Day 4
06 September

Liz Copeland
Liz Copeland
Team Visit Sanya, China
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Life during the Starboard tack was hard but now that we have left the English Channel and are heading towards Portugal with the wind behind us, the crew are all smiles.

With the boat’s rail buried in the water we had a lot of seasick crew. Sleeping was difficult and no one except the most hardy wanted to eat the food. The worst thing was that there was no water available to flush the heads. You will have to use your imagination here. Climbing into a top bunk required you to climb the walls and reaching your foulies in the wet locker was like climbing a mountain It is certainly a baptism of fire - life at sea in a Clipper Race.

We are screaming along now flying our Code 3 spinnaker and surfing the Atlantic swells heading for the Scoring Gate. Steering the boat down the swells is great fun and the temperature on deck is very pleasant. We have all slept better and everyone enjoyed lunch for the first time. It is amazing the difference that sleep and food make to morale on board. We saw Zuhai briefly this morning. The only other boat has been a naval ship.And, we enjoyed a pod of dolphins surfing off our bow.