Race 15 - Day 7
Crew Diary - Jia Yo Sanya, Zai Jian!
31 July

Scott Waters
Scott Waters
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Our race is now over, not only for Race 15 of Leg 8 but for the 19-20 edition of the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race. At 0100 local time on Friday 29th July there were sounds of joy and elation in the darkness on the deck of Visit Sanya, China. Along with the “whoop, whoops” there were whistles, claps and cheers, accompanied by hugs all round. A great moment to remember.

From some of the crew, commenting on their overall experience:

Afshin: “Unforgettable voyage and full of adventures.”

Rick: “The diamonds have been shaped.” (Referencing our yacht theme song.) “So pleased to have circumnavigated with such a great crew.”

Ivy: “Journey has made my life richer.”

Shiyi: “It’s been crazy.”

Su: “Great sailing, great team, great race.”

Jiong: “Satisfied.”

Carl: “Epic journey to have sailed around the world with Team Sanya.”

Trish: “Fantastic sailing, fantastic crew and a jolly time was had by all.”

Baz: “It met my expectations!”

Liz: “So proud to have circumnavigated and the racing made it for me.”

John: “Misery, elation, relief, joy, culinary experience, teamwork, new friends and adventure of a lifetime.”

Eve: “Visited places I wouldn’t otherwise have gone, great team, scary at times but great adventure.”

Colin: “Not always enjoyable, has had its high and lows, however, pleased to have experienced such an adventure.

Scott (me): “Such an adventure and amazing awesome experience, one to talk about for some time.”

The ‘Race of our Lives’ experience may now be coming to a close, but I’m sure the memories will live on forever. We’ve sailed around the world together as team ‘Sanya’. Everyone who has been aboard, both circumnavigators and ‘leggers’, have contributed to our success. The highs have outweighed the lows and both have been necessary to achieve the remarkable. We’ve done it, so now’s the time to celebrate.

Best wishes, for the final time, from all the crew aboard Visit Sanya, China.

Jia Yo Sanya, Zai Jian!

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