Race 14 - Day 10
Crew Diary - Race 14 Day 10
09 July

Marc Little
Marc Little
Team Seattle
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This is my second blog, it has now been nearly three years since my first. On that occasion I was told to keep it simple, give the folks back home a sense of what boat life is like and maybe even add in a joke or two. But by now I’m sure you have heard all the stories about how difficult life is at 45 degrees, from cooking to using the toilet. So on this occasion this is not what you will be hearing from me but more like how I see our boat.

So this time round this is more like a letter of intent, a statement of fact!

Who are we ? We are Seattle and we are now a crew of 16 fully qualified ocean warriors from Sophie our French national anthem singing super-helm to Gregorio our master of ceremony always geeing us up like the ringmaster of super heavy boxing fights. We are led by a skipper who is wearing his heart on his sleeve and who has his head fully committed to making sure we reach our potential and by his side his number one who seems to always be at hand (maybe she never sleeps).

As a team we are always there for each other. We simply always have each other's back and because you, our loved ones, our family, our friends and our crew supporters have our back we are able to commit fully to our goal. We will be leaving nothing in the tank, there will be no extra grind no extra hoist available form any of us as Seattle crosses the line. We will make you proud!

So who are we? We are Seattle! But now we are not just ready to fight ! We are fighting !!

Until Race Start : The Asia-Pacific Challenge