Race 14 - Day 2
Crew Diary - Q&A with Sarah Worby, interviewed by Danny Lee By Sarah Worby
30 June

Sarah Worby
Sarah Worby
Team Unicef
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Q&A with Sarah Worby, interviewed by Danny Lee

By Sarah Worby (age 6 and a half)

Today is my turn to write a blog. Devoid of inspiration I’ve turned to my beloved Watch Leader and Media Guru (his words), Danny Lee, to interview me in an attempt to eke out some content. Here goes:

Are you ready to do this interview?

Erm, I’m a little busy right now.

(2 hours later). Ready now?

Nah, I’m tired.

(1 hour later). Now?

OK fine...

Cool. So, this is now your second race. What was it like to actually make the Race Start line?

It was great to make it to the line up to start – there was excitement, apprehension and determination amongst the team... or so I hear. For me though, it was a little quieter down below on Mother Watch. I was washing up breakfast.

And how did that go?

Everything is clean.

Wonderful. Apart from washing up, what have been your highlights since joining in Bermuda?

Real talk, I have loved every second. I knew it would be good fun because I loved all of the training but this is a whole new level of fun – I am smiling so much my jaw is starting to ache, it’s the best.

That’s nice to hear. What are you most looking forward to for the race ahead?

I am really excited to see some big seas and weather. I am also excited to learn more about sailing. I think I will be terrified and probably scream a lot but I really am looking forward to pushing myself. Dan and Ian are also 10/10 – I couldn't have asked for a better Skipper and First Mate!

So, when we do arrive in port, what are your top plans for Derry~Londonderry?

A shower and a pint – not together but in that order. There are also rumours of a touch rugby tournament on the cards too, as well as the Festival of Light. I think we also have a team meal at The Pickled Duck lined up, courtesy of one of our crew members, Ricky, so I am also looking forward to that.

Sounds fab. Most important question now: on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your Watch Leader?

I’d swipe left, aggressively.

I’ll take that as a maybe then?

I really wouldn’t but OK…

Probably a good place to finish this hard hitting interview then. Thanks for your time, Sarah.

Pleasure, treasure – now please can you steer straight, I want to get some sleep.