Race 3 - Day 5
Crew Diary - Cape Town, South Africa to Albany, Australia
05 November

Edward Deacon
Edward Deacon
Team Unicef
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"Check the ingredients"

Edward 'Rex' Deacon

I had a new, interesting experience last night that I am not sure if I want to experience again. As one quickly finds out on an offshore yacht, you have to take advantage of the opportunities given for tasks that are normally routine and mundane in the world of dry land: brushing teeth, sorting out the wardrobe, making the bed etc.

I found myself last night having to go to the heads, a fairly difficult task where one finds themselves in the rare situation of having their pants down. Conveniently placed in our heads is the normal hand cleaning/sanitising products, but it was the baby wipes and baby powder that took my eye. I seized the opportunity of much needed 'downstairs maintenance', giving everything a good wipe down and sprinkle of baby powder for that silky smooth finish! I was immediately chuffed with myself for killing two birds with one stone.

Not long after the process was complete, I happened to notice a sensation from my netheregions: a tingling, cool sensation of which no baby powder had given me before! Immediately worrying about this baby powder hoax I decided the calmly investigate the ingredients of this strange baby powder, of which I found 'menthol' to be an additive! Who on earth puts menthol in baby powder!? I feel sorry for any baby that has to deal with this strange sensation, nor pleasant nor uncomfortable.... the container claimed 'anti itch' for which I give it full credit for! I returned to deck with my strangely cool sensation, only to enjoy it for the next 12 hours. The concept 'apply liberally' had been applied in this case.

Moral of the story is seize the opportunity but check the ingredients first! We have been rocketing along the past 24 hours, close reaching south in 20 knots of breeze, an average 10 knots boat speed combined with flat seas and good weather has raised crew morale.

Hello to all my loved ones, you know who you are, enjoying a moment and some laughs while putting in miles on the race south!