Race 1 - Day 23
Crew Diary - Race 1 Day 23: Liverpool to Punta del Este
12 September

Scott Winkler
Scott Winkler
Team Unicef
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Hi All,

Another dispatch, this time from south of the Equator! The first time you cross the Equator you have to go before Neptune's Court. A rite of passage of some sort. We were (and continue to be) very heeled over going upwind, which makes holding the court or doing any festivities difficult at the moment. I guess even Neptune has to play second fiddle to the wind and the race!

We had our first relatively clear and starry night in a couple of weeks last night. I know the neighbourhood in the northern sky, so was excited to see some southern constellations. Immediately saw Scorpio and Sagittarius much higher in the sky than I have ever seen them. These are usually on the horizon in my native Arizona. Everything below them is southern sky to me! Finally saw Centaurus' front fore-feet--I only see his upper body from home. Unfortunately, his rear legs were at the horizon or behind clouds. And the Southern Cross is below his rear legs, so it was a no-show for the evening. I did pick out the southern crown and Ara (the altar). I thought I should see Pavo the duck and spent some time trying to resolve the (some-what) duck-ish pattern I remembered in my head with what I was seeing unsuccessfully. Then decided I might be off in my directions (studied them prior with a phone app but can only remember so much) and that I might actually be seeing Grus (crane?) and the southern fish. Was happy to confirm them after my shift with my phone app. There are a whole bunch of dim, rather obscure constellations named for tools and instruments in the Southern sky. I'm pretty sure I saw where Telescopium, Norma (the square), the dividers (forgot Latin name) and Microscopium live too but there wasn't much to see. I'm sure I bore everyone with the stars (nothing new there! ;-), but I had fun!