Race 9 - Day 26
Crew Diary - Race 9 Day 26: Qingdao to Seattle
18 April

Andy Farnum
Andy Farnum
Team Visit Seattle
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I have just come below deck, having trimmed our code 2 spinnaker through the final gate of the Ocean Sprint. Having sailed for twenty-seven days on this leg (5,177 nm according to our log), this is a good moment to reflect on why I am here. Are you considering joining the race, or worried about someone who is?

I was drawn to the Clipper Race, and this North Pacific Crossing in particular, because of the allure of achievement and adventure on a great, global, scale. I recognize the rarity of my privilege and want to give my life meaning by living every minute well. I take risks, I accept invitations, and I seek experiences and a practice of photography that aims to spark inspiration and wonder in others.

I am fortunate to have come from a sailing family, in Rhode Island, and I carry fond memories of weekend afternoons tacking and gybing on Greenwich Bay. Every bowline I tie still involves a rabbit and a tree—even in terrifying ocean squalls. The adventures I sought out as a boy informed my imagination, daring, curiosity, and character. Those attributes help to make me the man I am today, and the Clipper Race has put each of them to work in ways I could scarcely imagine!

If I could give advice to my younger self on the topic of adventure, I would say keep on pushing. Cross the backyard, climb the stone wall, and find out what is on the other side of the woods—no matter the weather. Skip school and get lost exploring the library, art museum, or beach. A measure of independence, romance, and disobedience is healthy, if you are aware of your situation and safety. Introduce yourself to kids from other schools, from other walks of life. That outgoing spirit has made my Clipper Yacht Race experience a success, helped me to thrive in these trying conditions, and has led to a life without boredom, a life full of stories and powerful relationships. There are thousands of miles behind me, and thousands of miles yet ahead to be discovered. Come with me!