Race 15 - Day 5
Crew Diary - Ahoy There
30 July

Lucio Corciulo
Lucio Corciulo
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To all supporters, friends and family in Italy and England.

Almost there now, can't wait to see you all. In a way time has flown, in others it has gone slow.

Derry~Londonderry to London, short one, but packed with a few events to say the least, starting on a line start, where the boat jogs along to get the best position to cross the line going backwords, then around two markers and off you go.

Started calm, but soon I had a visit from an old friend that I can’t shake off (green monster) when you sail up wind, and sea is rough, it makes a very uncomfortable ride, that means is like being in washing machine, tilted at 40-45 degrees, the boat goes over waves suspended for a moment and then crashes with an almighty bang.

Down below deck it sounds even more dramatic and everything gets flung around, only this time I was lying down in the galley seating area, too ill to go to my bunk, other crew members being sick too, when all of sudden loads of cups landed on me, not a flinch, too ill, next wave comes, a box full of cheerios, cornflakes and more landed on me again, scattering all over my legs, still no flinch, too ill, no photos to record this, but it was carnage.

Going across the Pentland Firth, between mainland Scotland and Orkney, notorious for fast currents, get it at the wrong time and you go backwards, we were right on cue, so we managed it well.

We have just tacked, which shows we might be first, fingers crossed it’ll stay that way, another podium or top podium would do nicely.

A bit of a dance on deck today to ceilidh, a scottish dance, good laugh!

Tomorrow I will be making tiramisu, only enough eggs for one go, so no mistakes, served after porcini mushrooms, gorgonzola, stem broccoli and tagliata of ribeye steak. I’m drooling already.

Hope the crew will enjoy the last meal on board before London.

Can’t wait for a bit of tennis, cycling and of course, to see my wife, daughter and friends, ‘til then.

Un bacione a tutti ( a big kiss to everyone)