Race 4 - Day 21
Crew Diary - Race 4, Day 21
08 December

David Keeley
David Keeley
Team WTC Logistics
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22 days at sea and we are all still talking to each other! The Southern Ocean has been kind to us over the last three weeks, the ominous gales and threats of rough sailing conditions have not materialised. We had an inkling of the challenges that might be presented at the beginning of the leg, but nothing much came of it. Instead we have had some lovely days and bright moonlit nights sailing. Some rain and colder weather at times just to warn us of the possibilities to come in later legs, but nothing to prevent everyone enjoying getting to grips with ocean sailing and the demands of four and six hour watch changes on the mind and body.

Right now we are off the west coast of Australia some 150 miles from the finish line, we have passed Cape Leeuwin, leaving it behind some three hours ago. But progress is slow, we have a lot of sun and bright blue skies accompanied by very little wind. The sailing is painfully slow, but at least we are making some way and not losing time or distance to our nearest competitors.

The thought of arriving in port within the next 24 hours is distracting to us and raises thoughts of all that we might enjoy on arrival, mostly centred around food and drink. Discussions of favourite meals and alcoholic drinks abound along with thoughts of finding accommodation and celebrating our arrival with crew mates, friends, relatives and anyone else who might like to join in. Of course, we also talk about results, how well we have done, how we might improve our performance and where we might have done something differently. We know we still have to finish before we can celebrate anything! We had a lovely email from Anthony from WTC Logistics congratulating us on our achievement and offering encouragement and support. We really do have a great team and a great sponsor and we are all really proud to be working together to fulfil some dreams and achieve something extraordinary.