Race 9 - Day 4
Crew Diary - Race 9, Day 4
13 March

Cheok In Lo
Cheok In Lo
Team Zhuhai
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Hello everyone,

Kent here from Macau, the Zhuhai Ambassador of Leg 6. I came to Subic Bay last week, to meet our crew and boat CV28 (also known as Kevin). I’m casting back my memory to try and remember what I was doing in training last summer in Gosport. I should say thank you to all the Skippers and mates in my four levels of training, I will try my best to work hard while on ‘Kevin’ using the knowledge you taught me... And now Race 9 is ongoing, that will be my last training before crossing the Pacific Ocean.

This race is short but picking up quicker than I thought. It is surprising to me that the watch system works naturally for me and my body clock and I’m sleeping very well. Food is good, I always get some extra. Just a little bit hot on board, I hope if I can save the heat for the Pacific race… I’m sure I won’t complain about it then. We finished the first sprint last night and now running the second sprint. Today we are stuck in a wind hole, that means we have just a little breeze to push our boat along but slowly. All we can do is try to catch the wind as much as we can by rigging different sails, waiting and trimming. Fingers crossed we will win this sprint!

I’m the only new joiner in my watch but I must thank my watch mates who have been sharing their experience and helping me. It’s a joy to work with you guys, thank you so much Melodie, Kath, David, Chris and Nassor.

Time to sleep and wait for the good news from Aussie Watch.