Race 14 - Day 3
Crew Diary - Rapture of the Deep
01 July

Magnus Irvin
Magnus Irvin
Team Zhuhai
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Editor’s note: Magnus’ poem below is purely fictional. Thankfully he has not fallen overboard during the race.

Rapture of the Deep

"Man overboard!" I heard them shout

And they all looked out to sea

I looked around and I looked about

and I found that it was me.

Bobbing around up and down

Like a fisherman's float

I saw the sky and I saw the sea

But I couldn't see the boat.

They threw the Danbuoy overboard

The foresails they dropped down

I could hardly speak or see or breathe

But maybe I could drown.

Deep forests swayed with random motion

The moon pulled at the seething ocean

Starfish, squid and slimy things

Filled my head with strange imaginings.

The seaweed sighed, the mermaids cried

Enchanted songs of Lorelei

And I began to sleep I fear

When I heard faint singing in my ear.

"Come to me Captain Magno, come to me

And live with us under the sea

Your queen awaits she needs a king

And you look like you're just the thing."

Then I heard another voice and did look

To a red-clad beast with a great big hook

He hanked me on and yanked me out

When I began to scream and shout.

"Let me go and leave me be

I want to live under the sea

Where the queen awaits and scallops sleep

In my mermaid kingdom of the deep."