Race 2 - Day 21
Crew Diary - Race 2 Day 21
10 October

Alfred Butler
Alfred Butler
Team Zhuhai
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The best part of the Clipper Race for me has been meeting so many people from different walks of life. We have the benefit of so much time to talk about anything and everything – having conversations about how difficult it is to use the heads is unifying and bonds us! It’s really exciting to see how everyone brings something different to the team, different skills and perspectives – it allows us to lean on each other. We’ve stayed happy, and well-fed, and it has made us a stronger team.

Speaking of food, there have been so many snacks on board! My favourite snack is seconds of the meal :) I'm a foodie, I love to eat. At no point have I felt super hungry, fortunately, no hanger here! As for cooking in the galley -I’m not a cook at home, it often takes a lot of energy after a long workday. But having the exposure of Mother Duty I’ve learned I enjoy making cakes and breads. I could see myself taking that skill home with me.

Hardest parts of the trip? Not showering has been the hardest thing! As someone who wears shorts and tee shirts in London winters, the equator’s heat has been a challenge (especially since I didn’t bring a fan)! But it’s just part of the journey, like sailing there are many things you could probably complain about, but then you look out at the sea and the colours in nature, and it all feels worth it. It can be hard sometimes to find space for oneself onboard as well – but having people around has been helpful too, because it forces you to be your honest self since you can’t hide from anyone on a boat. Being surrounded by this group of new friends has helped keep my headspace clear.