A year to remember

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Adam Bacso will remember 2013 for the rest of his life, not only because it was the year he turned 18, but also because it will always bring back memories of the year he began his circumnavigation during the Clipper 13-14 Round the World Yacht Race.

The student from Budapest, Hungary will log over 40,000 miles during the world’s longest yacht race as he continually tests himself and learns to live outside of his comfort zone.

“I first heard about the Clipper Race from my father who told me that it looked interesting,” explains Adam, whose father Tibor is also participating in the ninth editions of the Clipper Race.

“This became my goal after my graduation.”

“My primary reason for applying was that I wanted to discover the world and I also love sailing, so I thought this could be the challenge of my life,” he continues after celebrating his eighteenth birthday last week.

Adam will race across the Atlantic, Southern and Pacific Oceans meeting Mother Nature head on during extreme sailing conditions.

“My father and I love sailing so it became my hobby when I was a child. I started to like it more and more so I learnt the rules of boat driving. We also participated on a few races in Hungary.

“I am only nervous about the fact that I won’t be able to see my family for a year, only my father. I am looking forward to the race a lot because I am ready for an adventure and I really want to know how can I live on a boat for a year and sail at the same time.“

The Clipper Race offers people from all walks of life the opportunity to race around the world. The race is separated into eight legs, allowing potential crew to pick the races they’d like to compete in. Click here to request more information or click here to use the Clipper Race Route Builder for a tailor made adventure of a lifetime.