Another crew milestone less than a week away

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Next Saturday all the crew members taking part in the Clipper 13-14 Race will find out which skipper and fellow crew they will race alongside during the world’s longest yacht race.

Over 400 crew members are expected to descend on the Portsmouth Guildhall for the Crew Allocation event which marks another huge milestone ahead of Race Start on Sunday 1 September.

“It’s a huge day for all the crew. They’ve been waiting for this day since they decided to take part and it’s the biggest day ahead of Race Start in September,” explains David Cusworth, Crew Recruitment Manager a round the world crew member himself in 2002.

“The crew will find out who their skipper is, the person that will lead them, keep them safe and hopefully help them win. They find out for the first time who they will be racing with and against.

“The race becomes far more real with race campaigns and boat strategy starting to develop. Interestingly it is also the day, historically, when lots of crew add to the number of legs they are racing on. Meeting your crew mates and skipper fires you up and you want more. I went from one leg to round the world and that’s not uncommon.”