Capturing the action

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After circumnavigating the world during the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race, Qingdao crew member James Rogers has been reminiscing on his adventure thanks to the photos and videos he captured during the unique challenge.

“Whilst on board we decided, as a whole crew and family, that keeping the best record of our adventure was going to be really important from the off,” explains James, who raced around the world on board the Chinese entry.

“We took advantage of all the kit that the Clipper Race media team provided as well as the cameras that crew had brought with them to capture as much of the action as we could whilst it happened.”

During the 12-month race James occupied the role of media crew member on board. A task which would allow the Clipper Race media team to access footage from the yacht and showcase life during an ocean race to friends and family following at home.

“As media crew member and a round the world crew member, I took it upon myself to collect and collate all the raw media and sort through it so that we had plenty of quality reminders of our time on board, but everyone was involved in collecting media so that little was missed.

“We also saw blogs, photos and videos as a key way of communicating our unfolding story to friends, family and fans back home and so we made an effort to ensure that we involved as many people in the writing and interview process as we could, and regularly had blogs that would make a mention of every crew member on board updating what they were doing.”

Crew members of each team are given the opportunity to volunteer for roles on board the yacht with media crew member being just one of them. 

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