Derry~Londonderry~ Doire diverts to Port Elizabeth

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Derry~Londonderry~Doire is diverting to Port Elizabeth to evacuate a crew member with a suspected broken upper arm as a precautionary measure ahead of two and a half weeks tough racing in the Southern Ocean.

Michelle Porter (36) from London fell onto her arm when the yacht was hit by a large wave. The yacht is 250 nautical Miles from Port Elizabeth and is estimated to arrive tomorrow evening. The casualty is expected to be transferred to hospital via the South African Coast Guard.

The yacht Derry~Londonderry~Doire was hit by a large breaking wave which knocked the vessel sideways. Skipper Sean McCarter reported: “I got on deck to see two crew obviously in pain. Unfortunately one was our medic, round the world crew member Susie Redhouse (42), thus making me the new medic. We quickly got Susie down below with what we feared may be a broken arm. Next was our chief of staff, another round the world crew, Michelle Porter, who swore she was ok but couldn't move her arm. We eventually got them both down below and out of their lifejackets and dry suits to begin the examination. Susie's arm turned out to be a bad bang but Michelle is still in her bunk and we suspect it could be broken.”

Earlier today Australian David Griffin (40) was transferred  to a Coast Guard vessel (pictured) to take him to a waiting ambulance in Port Elizabeth for hospital treatment following puncturing his calf on a cleat, when he was hit by a wave on the bow of Mission Performance. Other yachts experienced lucky escapes during a particularly ferocious storm which hit the fleet heading through the Indian Ocean from South Africa into the notorious ‘Roaring Forties’ in the Southern Ocean. Many skippers have paid tribute to their crews for digging deep and applying their training and growing experience to react accordingly in order to keep their yachts sailing safe as well as fast.