DLL executive board congratulates OneDLL on podium position

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De Lage Landen, the international leasing & financing company and sponsor of OneDLL, has congratulated the crew on its podium position. 

OneDLL managed to secure third place in the overall race after coming in third in Race 16 on Friday, keeping rival Derry~Londonderry~Doire in fourth.

On behalf of the executive board of DLL, CFO Frans Overdijk said it had been a tremendous journey for everyone sailing the OneDLL yacht around the world.

Two DLL employees have sailed a leg of the race at a time and the company has linked its members round the world during its campaign with employee regattas and events in all the major ports of call.

“As a sponsor of OneDLL it makes us very proud to see the positive impact this race had. We have connected countries, employees and customers, while fueling new and existing partnerships. Over time the journey became the metaphor for teamwork and has shown that no one team can be successful without the complete cooperation of every team member.”

“We as DLL are very thankful for the commitment and the effort that our skipper Olly Cotterell and all OneDLL crew demonstrated in carrying the DLL banner around the globe.

“And last but not least we are very proud that we could finish this race with a well-deserved podium position!"

OneDLL skipper Olly Cotterell said the crew have worked tirelessly around the world.

“Luck is a product of sweat and as a result we have been rewarded with a podium this race securing our podium overall. I am phenomenally proud of my team.

“Saturday was an emotional day for all concerned, as we came back to the warm embrace of our families and the magnitude of our achievement starts to sink in.”

OneDLL finished with 137 points, 13 points behind second-placed GREAT Britain.

The team had a total of eleven podiums during the series, and a total of nine Scoring Gate points and two Ocean Sprint points. 

Leg 8 crew member Marta Sanchez added that she experienced real team work during the race. 

“I have been really impressed with the way Olly manages the crew, always with a positive attitude and at the same time pushing us to improve and to learn. 

“We never give up, and even with our more lowly position on Race 14, we still had a happy atmosphere on board because we did our best.

“Life on board is incredible! Living with 21 random people from different backgrounds and with different points of views in life has been very interesting.”