Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Showcase Guinness World Record

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The Clipper Race Village opened today at St Katharine Docks, marking the official count down for the race departure on September 1. Official Charity of the Clipper Race, the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust will be on-site throughout the next week, showcasing the impressive Guinness World Record set by team OneDLLstrong> during their recent team building weekend. 

The OneDLL team tied 1383 reef knots in just one hour, using rope donated by Marlow, the Clipper Race Official Rope Supplier. This figure exceeded the previous record and raised over £4,460 for the Ellen McArthur Cancer Trust. The record breaking reef knots have now been made into bracelets and are available to purchase for just £1, with all proceeds going directly to the Ellen McArthur Cancer Trust.

Members of team OneDLL will be supporting the Ellen McArthur Cancer Trust stand in Race Village where, for a suggested donation of £1, people can also test their skills on a Harkin Grinder, the pedestal found on the Clipper 70’s, used to quickly hoist and trim the sails. The challenge is timed and requires speed, strength and stamina. The fastest competitor of each day will receive a branded Ellen MacArthur Water bottle and the overall winner of the week will win a bottle of champagne to celebrate the Race Start in style.

Celebrating its tenth year, the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust has grown beyond expectation into a national charity. The charity works with young people’s primary cancer care units across the UK, offering those in recovery from cancer the chance to rebuild their confidence through sailing.

Kristie Reid, 20, from Aberdeen was diagnosed with Biphasic Synovial Sarcoma in August 2009.The rare type of cancer formed in the joint of her left shoulder. Now fully in remission Kristie is preparing to take part in Leg 1 of the Clipper Race as an ambassador for the Trust.

Kristie will be keeping the Trust and her supporters up to date with her Clipper adventure via her blog, just click here.

To find out more about the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, click here.