Final four yachts arrive in Den Helder, The Netherlands

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All 12 yachts are now in Den Helder. Qingdao finished in ninth place at 20:17 local time, 18:17 UTC, and Jamaica Get All Right finished in tenth at 21:14: 48 local time, 19:14:48 UTC.

Due to light winds, the course was shortened at 19.30 local time, 17.30 UTC for the yachts in eleventh and twelfth place, Mission Performance and Invest Africa.

Mission Performance finished at a line approximately 6 miles upwind of its position at 20:28:52 local time,18:28:52 UTC.

Due to wind speeds of just one knot, Invest Africa decided to accept twelfth place and one point which is not a retirement and made best speed to Den Helder.