Final week to submit One Key Lesson

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This week sees the final chance for all Clipper Race crew to submit their One Key Lesson stories, to be a part of an inspiring book which will be published in Spring 2015, designed to coach and prepare future race crew for the unique Clipper Race challenge.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, August 31st and details on the programme are as follows; 

What is the ‘One Key Lesson’ idea?
Clipper Ventures and Learning and Development Partner Mission Performance are looking for your most powerful learnings from this race. Specifically, any story that illustrates what individual crew members, a skipper or a team did to perform really well or to overcome key challenges. 

Stories may cover a single event or the entire leg/race or simply a moment onboard that inspired or motivated you to give more to your crew mates. All crew and skippers are invited to submit.

You can read an example submission here by 13-14 crew member Ross Turnbull 

Mission Performance has a successful track record of taking lessons from challenging environments and sharing them with the wider world. Their experienced consultants cover ocean racing, polar exploration, combat operations on the battlefield, mountaineering, disaster relief operations, professional theatre and elite sports. 

The logic is simple: If ordinary people can get extraordinary performance out of themselves and those around them in such challenging environments, then these lessons are worth exploring.

The aim is to share the personal lessons and wisdom of those that have completed this unique challenge to inform, inspire and coach future crew members and best prepare skippers for the challenges of leading and managing their boats to best performance levels.

We are hoping for positive, inspiring stories but a negative one can also reveal important lessons. In either case, you can be specific about names, places and circumstances or you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

How will ‘One Key Lesson’ be shared?
Mission Performance plans to publish the submissions in a book and make them available by Spring 2015 to you, your friends and families, 15-16 and 17-18 crew and anybody who is fascinated by how people achieve in the most trying circumstances. Proceeds will be donated to the RNLI - more details will be announced at time of publishing. 

How to get involved

To submit your ‘One Key Lesson,’ please email your story in the following format to:[email protected]  

“My One Key Lesson” ….

You can also tweet @MissionTeam using the #1KeyLesson
The deadline for submission is 31 August 2014