First boat expected into Rio Saturday night - But redress could impact podium positions

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PSP Logistics is currently expected to be the first boat into Marina da Gloria, Rio de Janeiro, late Saturday night.

However, changing weather conditions and the application of redress times to some boats which suspended racing to refill drinking water supplies from each other, could make a big impact on final positions.

Redress is calculated on the time out when racing is suspended by noting the time between a yacht stopping racing and returning to its original position to restart. This is then deduced from the team’s elapsed time for this race on which the final race positions are decided and points awarded accordingly.*

Race Director Justin Taylor observed: “The most exciting thing about this is between Jamaica Get All Right which has a lead of 15 nautical miles over PSP Logistics which has been awarded a 71 minute redress.  This means they must finish 71 minutes ahead to retain first place.  Right now PSP Logistics will cover 15nm in approx. 78 minutes at their current speed.

“However, Henri Lloyd is only trailing PSP Logistics by 30nm yet has been awarded redress of 7h15m.  So Henri Lloyd could cover this distance in just 2.5 hours, clearly having the potential to beat both Jamaica Get All Right and PSP Logistics.”

The estimated time of arrival of the fleet into Rio together with redress time where appropriate are as follows:

PSP Logistics – late pm Saturday 5 October (Redress 1 hour 11 minutes)
Qingdao – early hours Sunday am
Jamaica Get All Right – early hours Sunday am
One DLL – Sunday am (Redress 1 hour 27 minutes)
Henri Lloyd – Sunday pm (Redress 7 hours 15 minutes)
Derry~Londonderry~Doire – Sunday pm
Old Pulteney – Monday am
GREAT Britain – Monday am (Redress 1 hour 38 minutes)
Team Garmin – Monday pm (Redress 2 hours 3 minutes)
Switzerland - Tuesday (Redress 6h50m)
Mission Performance – Tuesday
Invest Africa – Wednesday.

*Redress in detail:

Each yacht records the time (UTC) and position (lat and long) of where they suspended racing.  Once the transfer of water is complete they must return to the exact spot where they suspended racing before they resume racing.  The time (UTC) must be recorded at the resumption of racing.  The difference in the two times is the redress awarded.  Redress is then subtracted from the yacht’s elapsed time for this race.  Positions are then awarded based on elapsed times. 

Normally redress is not offered for equipment failures but in this case the manufacturer of the water makers has admitted that they sourced faulty parts from a Third party supplier meaning that the skipper and crews were not at fault.  All redress is provisional until photographic evidence of the GPS (showing time and position) is scrutinised.