First Level 3 training completed

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This week saw the completion of the first Level 3 training of the Clipper 13-14 Round the World Yacht Race.

Among those taking part in the pre-race training course were the Chinese crew chosen to represent the sailing city of Qingdao.

“For Level 3 you need to become pretty strong as we made a lot of sail changes so at the end you’re pretty tired,” explains Zhikai (Bob) Sun, who will join Qingdao for Leg 4.

“I’m going to keep sailing home in China to get more practise so I’m ready for the race and Leg 4.”

Yuan (Lara) Li, a sales coordinator from Qingdao also found Level 3 tough.

“Level 3 is completely different, it's not just about the sailing but life on board as well. This time I was a little seasick which never happened on Level 1 or 2.

“I think on Level 1 and 2 I needed some instructions on what to do but on Level 3 I knew exactly what to do.”

Wenfei (Erika) Duan, will be the first Qingdao ambassador to take part in the Clipper 13-14 Race as she is set to take part in Leg 1.

“I learnt a lot through all the training and during Level 3 I learnt how tough ocean sailing can be and how important your fellow crew are on board. It was not a comfortable experience but it was a very good experience.”

The Clipper 13-14 Race starts on Sunday 1 September. If you are interested in taking part in the world’s longest yacht race, click here to request an application pack.