From Mexican sunshine to Pacific Ocean waves

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Among the crew manning the twelve ocean racing yachts on the Clipper 13-14 Round the World Yacht Race will be Mexican, Luis Alonso Gonzalez.

“I first read about amateur yacht racing around the world in Pete Goss’ book. I have since read a lot of books about sailing adventures and races and always wished I could take part in one,” reveals Luis, 29.

“I first read about the Clipper Race in Yachting World and as soon as I read about it I wanted to take part.

“I have a bit of previous sailing experience in a couple of amateur regattas in the USA and found the Clipper Race training experience great, the best thing was the teamwork and I found the food and the weather a bit challenging at times, off-shore sailing is rough!”

Based in Monterrey, Mexico Luis is one of just two Mexicans signed up for the ninth edition of the Clipper Race. He’ll cross the Pacific Ocean from Qingdao to San Francisco during Leg 6 and then sail from the west coast of America, through the Panama Canal, into Cozumel, Mexico before finishing his leg of the race in New York.

“I am most looking forward to the big waves and good sailing on the race, I cannot wait to visit the different ports of call, race in the Pacific Ocean and do some night sailing, to be honest, I’m looking forward to everything!

“For me the most challenging aspect of the Clipper Race experience so far is preparing for the race at home. I run my own business and making sure everything is ready for it to run properly when I leave has been very demanding work.

“Other than that I would have to say the food. After a hard day or a tough training session I reward myself with a nice meal and not having that available will take some getting used to.”

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