From scrums to squalls

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Craig Forsyth, a former professional rugby league player, will circumnavigate the globe during the Clipper 13-14 Round the World Yacht Race.

A complete sailing novice, Craig will log over 40,000 miles during the challenge which will take almost a year to complete.

“I know nothing about sailing other than what I have learnt on my Level 1 training and what I have read so far in the crew manual!” explains Craig. 

“There were challenging parts in all aspects of the training. Having to get to know people I have never met before, learning all the new names for parts of the boat and the sailing skills to make them work correctly. “Being seasick for 15 hours, then taking 12 hours to get back right (I'm never ill as a rule); living on a boat; but it was all enjoyable at the same time as being taxing.”

“My highlight of training was wrestling a sail back to the foredeck in a Force 10 gale with three others of the watch,” continues York-based Craig, 34.

The Clipper 13-14 Race starts this summer and will see the brand new fleet of twelve 70-foot ocean racers debut in the world's longest yacht race.

The race will visit six continents during 15 races and take on some of the most notorious sailing areas in the world such as the Southern and Pacific Oceans.

“I'm looking forward to all of the Clipper Race, from Crew Allocation until I cross the finish line. Seeing amazing sights of the ports and countries we will visit, sailing in calm seas, not so calm seas and seas that make you excited due to their scale and size.”

Throughout the adventure Craig will be raising money for Try Assist Benevolent Fund and McMillan Cancer Support, to follow in his footsteps and sign up for the Clipper Race, click here.