Going for Gold

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The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race has been won by an Australian skipper and team in each of the last two editions, and with two skippers hailing from ‘Down Under’ the upcoming race is due to be very competitive.

One man hoping to continue the Australian connection is crew member Joe Pattison. The 56-year-old will race on Leg 1 of the ninth edition of the Clipper 13-14 Race which starts on 1 September

“I first heard about the Clipper Race on the local radio in Brisbane and decided to take part because it is open to amateurs like me and I haven't done any racing for more than 20 years,” explains the Queensland-based Solicitor.

“I had sailed from about the age of 13 and I had gotten into ocean racing when I was about 17 and gave it away again when I was about 32. Now I am 56 so I suppose you could say I have a little bit of experience, but I am always keen to learn.”

Joe will join a growing number of Australians signing up for the world’s longest yacht race, with over 60 Australians already on board for the Clipper 13-14 Race.

“I made the decision to do Leg 1 as it gave me an opportunity to go to Brazil which is somewhere I haven't been before. It also means that you're the first crew to take these new yachts on the race!”

Each and every crew member taking part in the Clipper 13-14 Race goes through a comprehensive training programme ensuring everyone has a great standard of safe sailing and seamanship.

“The most challenging thing I found about my Level 1 training was dealing with the cold weather; I had not experienced that before. The highlight of the training was being introduced to my crew and finding them to be great friends at the end of only one week.

“What I took away from my Level 1 training was the very professional attitude and delivery of service by the Clipper Race organisation. I was very impressed by the concentration on the safety aspect of the training and I am looking forward to the opportunity to sail a maxi yacht in race conditions over an ocean.”

If you would like to follow in Joe’s footsteps and sign up for the Clipper Race, click here to apply.

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