GREAT Britain crew take on Amazing Albany Wallabies in touch rugby game

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England rugby sevens star Ollie Phillips and some of his fellow GREAT Britain crew members joined the Amazing Albany Lions as guest players in a game of touch rugby against the Amazing Albany Wallabies in an attempt to bring back some British sporting pride after the recent Ashes disaster.

Both sides are claiming the win, but the referee decided it was an honourable draw to keep British/Australian relations amicable.

However, Ollie said: “GREAT Britain won the race into Western Australia, so we decided to give them this win as they have been so welcoming to the Clipper Race crews currently in town.”

Albany Touch Football Association Paul Smargiassi said: “Ollie and the team were great, we were a bit afraid before when we read his profile and his very impressive CV.

“He definitely showed us his moves but in typical English fashion, played a few mind games before. We were worried he would not show up as he is such a big draw card, but he put up a great team.”

Ollie and GREAT Britain crew members Lindsay Evans, Jacob Carter, Steve Mabey and Paul Hardy were also joined by local Albany Lions players from the association to make up the all British team.

The game was played at the North Albany Football Club and the players had pizza and beers after while sharing sporting tales.