Henri Lloyd wins big in Race 13: The Grange Hotels Trophy to New York.

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Henri Lloyd crossed the Race 13: The Grange Hotels Trophy finish line in first place at 14:25 UTC (10:25 local) today, to seal a remarkable triple triumph that will further extend its overall lead in the Clipper 2013-14 Race.

In the most successful points overhaul of the Clipper 2013-14 Race so far, Henri Lloyd will pick up the total, maximum 17 race points as in addition to the race win (12 points), the team also won the two bonus point opportunities for Race 13, the Scoring Gate (3 points) and Ocean Sprint (2 points).

Skipper Eric Holden said: "The team really wanted to give this race a big effort and win into New York, one of our unofficial home ports. They did indeed put in the required effort and were rewarded not only with the race win but the triple crown of scoring gate, ocean sprint, and line honours. I am really proud of this team and feel we have finally made the transition to the final performing stage of team development". 

It was a tight race to the finish for the leading teams with GREAT Britain claiming second place, crossing the finish line at 16:54 UTC (12:54 local).

Skipper Simon Talbot commented: "Oh my word, what a nail biter, after nearly seven days of some of the most intense racing I can remember in a long time, we finally crossed the finish line in second place a few miles behind Henri Lloyd. Whilst disappointed that Mother Nature had not once, but twice taken our lead and given it to Henri Lloyd, the entire team are over the moon to have finished second in such a tough race which could have seen any one of six teams end up in first place.

"Our congratulations go to Eric and his crew on Henri Lloyd for sailing an absolutely outstanding race and yet again providing a fantastic sparring partner for us."

OneDLL held off tough compeition from Switzerland to claim the final podium position at 18:06 UTC (14:06 local time). 

Skipper Olly Cotterell commented: "I am incredibly proud of my team. As most people know we have been off the pace for the last two or three races. We have worked hard getting the boat back up to speed and been focused on improving as a team. I am also especially proud of my crew as I have been ill and bed bound for most of this leg so all the credit really must go to my team. They remained focused, determined and resilient in an incredibly diverse and close race.

"We are really happy with our podium and our scoring gate points. It is nice to know that "Big Blue"
is once again almost up to full speed and for that we must thank Greg North the rig specialist. We look forward to improving on the next race and chasing that elusive yellow pennant."

Switzerland finished at 19:17 UTC (16:17 local) in fourth place, narrowly missing its chance for a second consecutive pennant.

To watch the final stage of Race 13: The Grange Hotels Trophy play out on the Race Viewer, CLICK HERE.

The Clipper Race fleet will berth at Liberty Landing Marina, New Jersey until 4 June when the entire fleet will transfer across the Hudson River to North Cove Marina, in the heart of New York’s Manhattan financial district. The ETAs for the fleet’s arrival are HERE.  

Race 14 to Derry Londonderry, Northern Ireland starts from NYC on 7 June, marking the start of Leg 8, the highly anticipated homecoming leg to London. 

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