Interested in one of the most challenging jobs on the planet?

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Forty per cent of crew members who take part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race have never set foot on a yacht before their Level 1 training. This makes turning a group of amateur sailors into a well honed team of ocean racers one of the most challenging jobs on the planet.

“As a skipper on the Clipper Race, the role offers a unique opportunity to race around the world, creating a close knit and effective racing team,” explains Mark Light, Deputy Race Director and former Clipper Race skipper.

“The challenges are many and varied; and as a result the rewards are very high. It’s a great achievement to have on your CV and of course there aren't many better recommendations in sailing than of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.”

Mark and Race Director, Justin Taylor, have received over 200 applications for the role with more arriving each week. 

“We’ve conducted many interviews and have completed six of the seven planned on the water skipper trials, giving us a good number of potential candidates from which we will select the final twelve race skippers.”

Guiding a team which is made up of people from a diverse mix of nationalities, backgrounds and sailing experience through a circumnavigation of the globe is a huge task but Mark pulls on his own experience when assessing the candidates.

“The main things we look for in potential race skippers is professionalism at all times, 100 per cent commitment and a wide variety of experience.

“This should include skippering and managing large yachts and crews, offshore and ocean experience, racing experience, seamanship skills and previous sail training experience.”

If you are interested in becoming a skipper on the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, click here.