Introducing: Rich Gould

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British yachtsman Rich Gould is set to lead a team of amateur sailors around the world after being selected as one of the twelve elite skippers to compete in the Clipper 13-14 Round the World Yacht Race.

Rich, 26, is relishing the opportunity of skippering in the world’s longest yacht race.

“Sailing round the world is a big challenge and I’m proud to have been chosen as a skipper for the Clipper Race,” explains the South Coast-based skipper.

“However building and managing a team who are capable of taking on this challenge is the aspect of the race that really appeals to me and it’s one that I will relish.”

Cheshire-born Rich is well aware of the dynamics of the Clipper Race having trained crew taking part in the race since the 2009-10 edition.

“Seeing crew develop their skills during training is very rewarding so being able to progress that into and during the race is a great opportunity.”

Accustom to many areas of the Clipper Race route it is two of the most infamous stretches of water that appeal to the former water sports instructor.

“I’m really looking forward to racing in the Southern and Pacific Oceans. That is where you’ll find the tough conditions, big waves and excellent sailing!”

Rich and his crew will line up on the start line on board one of the twelve brand new Clipper 70 yachts ahead of the 40,000-mile round the world race.

Photography: © red-photographic