Introducing: Simon Talbot

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British yachtsman Simon Talbot will skipper an entry in the Clipper 13-14 Race, the world’s longest yacht race after being selected as one of twelve elite sailors.

“In ocean racing terms, the Clipper Race is the ultimate one design race and it is the only race, which is sailed by Corinthian sailors,” explains the London-born skipper.

Simon will skipper one of the twelve brand new Clipper 70 yachts around the world with a group of amateur sailors, tasked with the job of honing their skills to become an ocean racing crew.

“The task of keeping a large group of people working together as a happy, well motivated team, in a confined and potentially stressful environment for an extended period of time will be a challenge unique in my experience, but it has the potential to be extremely rewarding.”

Inspired by the books of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and Peter Blake, Simon has always found himself close to if not on the water.

“After pottering around in boats from around age five, I started more formal lessons whilst attending Watford Grammar School for Boys at around age twelve.”

Simon will lead his team during the 40,000-mile race which will see them face Mother Nature in her rawest form, testing their skills in infamous stretches of water such as the Southern and Pacific Oceans.

“On the ocean front, the leg across the Pacific is one I’m really looking forward to while on the coastal front, the leg from west to east coast of America through the Panama Canal.”

Photography: © red-photographic