Journalists enjoying life on board during race

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Journalists aboard various Clipper Race yachts are getting involved in all the sailing duties while reporting on the Rolex Sydney to Hobart race.

Journalists from The Daily Telegraph (Australia), Australian Associated Press, News Limited, Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Yachting magazine and a Swiss photographer are enjoying life on various Clipper 70 boats.

The public are able to follow every twist and turn of the iconic Australian offshore race through various reports, tweets and videos being sent back from the boats by the reporters. 

Kumi Taguchi of ABC TV is on PSP Logistics, and is reporting on all aspects of life at sea including sleep, food and navigation and has also got involved in Mother Watch.

Chris Hollis, skipper of PSP Logistics, said: “We have a special guest sailing with us to Hobart this Year. Kumi is a fully functioning crew member, who is taking part to embrace everything it takes to be an ocean racer. She is doing a great job, getting involved with sail changes, trimming, grinding, cleaning watches and cooking watches. In fact, she knocked up a pretty spag bol today.”

The Daily Telegraph’s GI journo, Nathan Klein is on board Mission Performance and has been reporting on how the boat is preparing for the front expected to come in later tonight, as well as how to avoid seasickness.

Liam Phelan of the Sydney Morning Herald has written about celebrating a crew birthday at sea, sailing in light winds and cooking on a gimble stove. 

With weather conditions changing, the fleet is likely to be arriving into Hobart Sunday evening  or Monday morning local time.