Kidney transplantee reflects on his unique challenge

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This time last year Nick Barclay was battling against the mighty Southern Ocean during the Clipper 11-12 Race, just six years after undergoing a kidney transplant.

The 31-year-old South African, who prides himself on his thirst for adventure, has never let his transplant hamper his enthusiasm for a challenge.

“My transplant was basically a second chance at life, a second opportunity, and I just wanted to live it to the fullest. The Clipper Race was for me, the most unique and extreme way of doing that,” explains Nick, who is originally from Cape Town.

A year ago to the day Nick was on board Edinburgh Inspiring Capital racing from Western Australia to Tauranga, New Zealand. Taking on some of the most ferocious sailing conditions on the planet.

“For me the most exciting part of the race was on the way to Tauranga. We were surfing down waves in the Southern Ocean reaching mammoth speeds; the water would be spraying up the sides of the boat and you would just be roaring down the waves. It was amazing,” continues Nick.

Together with tackling Mother Nature head on Nick throughout his circumnavigation was also a key part of a team promoting the importance of organ donation. The brainchild of Professor Stephen Wigmore of the University of Edinburgh, a group of transplant surgeons, nurses and patients took part in the Clipper Race to raise awareness of organ donation.

Due his unique story and as part of the Clipper Race’s global search for crew to take part in future editions of the race, Nick was selected to star in one of a series of short online videos which feature former crew. His ‘watch my story’ film can be seen here.

To find out more about the Clipper Race, click here to request more information.