Latest ETAs for fleet’s arrival into Rio de Janeiro

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Tomorrow (Saturday) will see the first team of the Clipper 13-14 Round the World Yacht Race complete Leg 1 and arrive in Marina da Gloria, Rio de Janeiro.

PSP Logistics, Qingdao and Jamaica Get All Right are currently battling it out for the podium positions and are expected to arrive on late Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning.

The next boat arrivals will span across Sunday until Wednesday with Invest Africa not due until the afternoon on 9 October.

Updated arrival times will be posted in the news section as well as on our official Facebook and Twitter channels.

Team ETA, Marina da Gloria (Local time, -3 UTC/-4 BST) 

PSP Logistics - Late Sat PM 
Qingdao - Early Sun AM 
Jamaica Get All Right - Early Sun AM 
OneDLL - Sun AM 
Henri Lloyd - Sun PM 
Derry~Londonderry~Doire - Sun PM 
Old Pulteney - Mon AM 
GREAT Britain - Mon AM 
Team Garmin - Mon PM 
Switzerland - Tues 
Mission Performance - Tues 
Invest Africa - Weds 

Please note that these are estimates based on the latest weather and the fleet’s average speeds. Weather conditions can and will change these times. Remember that yachts have destinations and not arrival times.