Meet the newest member of the crew recruitment team

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Often found ice climbing, jumping out of a plane, parachuting, skiing or sailing, ex crew member Della Parsons is making a return toClipper Race HQ as a new member of the recruitment team. 

Della was a circumnavigator on Hull and Humber in the 09-10 Clipper Race and then returned for numerous legs of the 11-12 race as a videographer/producer with then Clipper Race documentary makers, North One. 

Since then, she has worked as a freelance member of the crew team on various recruitment talks and open boat sessions. 

Now, Della will be encouraging people to pit themselves against the elements as she taps into new networks in the UK and further afield looking for future crew members. She is particularly passionate about reaching people who have not yet heard of the race. 

“I love talking to people and making them feel like they can get more out of their lives,” says Della.  

“The race was a hugely challenging, positive and inspiring experience for me. It was a huge learning curve and it did change my life.

 “I have vivid long lasting memories. When you get so much out of it you want to help others have that same experience.” 

Della was working in production for the BBC in Hull when the 07/08 race was on, ahead of the city’s bid for the host port status, which it held in 09/10.

“I had got into management and got stuck behind a desk. I was frustrated and doing long hours. I thought there was more to life and the idea of taking it on evolved as I kept an eye on the race, but I had no real intentions. I had never sailed before. 

“When I heard via BBC Radio at work that there was a recruitment talk on in Hull, I went along. 

“At first I was only signed up for a leg, but after a few months I signed up for the whole thing. I stopped my gym membership, Sky TV subscription and buying wine and flowers and used the loans that were meant for my house renovation to pay for the race. I was determined.” 

In her recruitment role, Della will be starting a UK tour, including more rural areas. She also aims to tap into new business communities and networking groups. 

“I want to get out and meet people who have not heard about the Clipper Race or don’t know about ocean racing. 

“It will also be good to get more women enthusiastic about sailing.” 

Following her return from the 11-12 race, Della trained for her Yachtmaster and now does regular deliveries and regattas. 

An adrenaline junkie, she has completed marathons, 100km walks and skydives, and is currently into walking, cycling and photographing nature along the way. 

“I’m passionate about showing people they can achieve anything they want to. The race was the challenge of a lifetime for me, and there were times during training and the event that I didn’t think it was possible. 

“I love that it is accessible for anyone, it is such a unique event and there are so many people out there who want to push their boundaries, learn new life skills and have incredible adventures. If I am able to introduce people to this life-changing experience, that is a powerful and inspiring thought.”