OneDLL wins maximum points with Scoring Gate victory

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OneDLL is the first entry to cross the Scoring Gate during Race 5 to Sydney, NSW. The Dutch entry crossed the line at 13:03 UTC winning a valuable 3 points as the entry continues to challenge GREAT Britain for second place in the overall leaderboard.

The skippers are asked to record the GPS time (Universal Time) of crossing the Scoring Gate and email the race office with these timings within 12 hours. The results at this stage are still provisional until verified by the Race Committee.

For those teams eager to gain valuable extra points and improve its overall standing in the race, will be heading for the Scoring Gate positioned between SG5 North at position 40S 127E and SG5 South at position 43S 127E. This is not a compulsory gate for the race but the first three yachts through the gate will be awarded 3, 2 and 1 points respectively.

With 2,1 points still up for grabs the top half of the leader board is all on course to challenge for the vital points. To keep track of the fleets progress please click here