Prizes awarded for PSP Logistics Panama 100 Cup

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The PSP Logistics Panama 100 Cup was officially awarded at the Jamaican prizegiving ceremony last night.

Paul Dadd, Marina Director at the Errol Flynn Marina, awarded the 2nd and 3rd place pennants to Henri Lloyd and Jamaica Get All Right respectively for Race 11 from San Francisco to Panama.

PSP Logistics skipper Chris Hollis presented the PSP Logistics Panama 100 Cup to race winners GREAT Britain, and said: “Congratulations from all at PSP Worldwide Logistics, especially Managing Director Frank Dixie who is a very proud Brit! Although PSP has adopted Australia as our unofficial home country due to the number of Aussie crew on board, PSP Worldwide Logistics is proud to be a British company so this is the second best result for us.”

PSP Logistics also awarded the winners of its Panama Canal photo contest. Teams had been challenged to take and submit photos of their Panama Canal transit to be judged by Clipper Race fans on Facebook. You can see the entire album here.

The quality and range of images exceeded all expectations in celebrating the canal’s centenary year and the judges were so split in their decision that they decided to the overall prize of a case of Appleton’s Rum to three winning teams.

Highly commended, joint 2nd prize of 3 bottles of Appleton’s Rum went to Qingdao for using the forestay banner across three yachts in the lock.

The other team to get 2nd winning another three bottles of Appleton’s Rum was PSP Logistics with a 10/10 for effort, using the warp to write “Panama Canal 100 Years” on the deck.  

Congratulations however, and 1st place prize of 6 bottles of Appleton’s Rum, went to One DLL whose image captured the magnificence of the canal as three yachts were about to exit one of the locks.