PSP Logistics’ biggest ‘little’ fans enjoy boat tour on school visit

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Schoolchildren who supported South Coast-sponsored Clipper Round the World Yacht Race team PSP Logistics have met the skipper and crew for a boat tour in Hampshire. 

Sixty Year 2 pupils from Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, Boscombe, visited the 70-ft yacht in Gosport after following the team round the world over the last 11 months. 

The pupils followed the highs and lows of the team and the school integrated elements of the race into its curriculum through geography, conservation and sailing lessons. 

The children have been sharing stories about the race with pen pals from Albany Primary School, West Australia, who also visited the boat during its stopover there on the circumnavigation. 

Declan Goodwin, Head Teacher of Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, said: “Our teachers saw that there were great opportunities for learning about various ports, oceans and countries around the world. 

“PSP Logistics provided many occasions for learning about sailing, arranging visitors to talk to the children, arranging tours of the PSP Logistics boat and taking cards and letters from the children to the crew at various stops around the world. 

“The opportunities and learning that have come from following the race have been more than we expected. The children were made to feel very important and as they had a ‘real audience’ for their letters, and the quality of their writing improved a great deal! All year the children were excited to watch the progress of the race and communicate with the team - one day we even Skyped the captain on board PSP Logistics in Sydney!” 

As well as being a Team Sponsor, Fareham, Hampshire-based firm PSP Logistics was also the Official Logistics Partner of the Clipper 2013-14 Race. 

 Tilly, aged 7, said: “It has been so exciting to follow the boat and see what they have done. My favourite moment was when they won into Rio de Janeiro. I would like to do the race myself one day. Getting to see the bunks where they sleep was really interesting.” 

Chris Hollis, skipper of PSP Logistics, said: “It was great to meet our biggest ‘little’ fans. I still have their letters of support on board and all the crew enjoyed reading their fan mail and responding to the kids’ questions. We must give a big thank you to the teachers and pupils of Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School for your incredible support.” 

Kathryn Chinchen, a Year 2 teacher, added that the whole concept has been inspirational. 

“We have a large display board that we've been adding to with pictures of the places PSP Logistics has been to and have tracked the fleet’s progress. 

“To see the children's reaction to finally meeting Chris and getting to explore the boat first-hand has been a real joy, as was the unplanned greeting by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston!”