PSP Logistics lead Ocean Sprint

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During Race 4 to Albany, Western Australia the teams have the opportunity to pick up some extra points with the help of an Ocean Sprint.

The Ocean Sprint is between the lines of longitude 90 degrees East and 95 degrees East and the skippers shall record the GPS time (Universal Time) of crossing each of these lines of latitudes. These timings will be emailed to the race office soon after crossing each of the relevant lines of latitude.

The team with the shortest elapsed time for the Ocean Sprint will be awarded 2 points. Current standings are as follows: 

1. PSP Logistics   - 18hours 02 mins
2. OneDLL              -19hrs 41m
3. GREAT Britain  - 20hrs 01m
4. Switzerland       - 21hrs 30m
5. Invest Africa      - 22hrs 25m
6. Henri Lloyd        - 22hrs 37m 
7. Qingdao             - 22hrs 51m

The teams will have to submit photographs from the Ocean Sprint which will be checked at the next stopover as a matter of course and the winning yacht awarded the 2 points on offer.

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