PSP Logistics starts Race 10

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PSP Logistics has started Race 10 and commenced racing at 1250UTC.

PSP Logistics arrived into China on Saturday afternoon, after several setbacks which led to its retirement, and was given additional time to more fully prepare the boat and crew to take on the ‘Mighty Pacific’.

The rest of the fleet set off for the USA on Sunday, but after a fog delay started racing on Tuesday.

Despite starting behind the other teams the yacht will be measured on an elapsed time basis.

24 hours after today’s start time it will be possible to compare the distance to finish with that of the rest of the fleet after its first 24 hours, and this will be repeated on a daily basis. While this is based on distance, rather than time between waypoints, it is the most practical way to get an insight into the team’s progress. Their final result will be the elapsed time between the start and finish line, compared to the elapsed times of the rest of the yachts in the fleet. This will also be the basis for the Scoring Gate. 

The Scoring Gate will provide the first elapsed time measure to give PSP Logistics an opportunity to compete for the bonus points on offer (three points for the fastest time to the Scoring Gate, two points for second and one point for third fastest).

Follow the race here.