Race 1 Day 4: Provisional results: Invest Africa wins first place

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After an eventful first race, which saw the fleet battling thick fog and light winds, provisional results show that Invest Africa has won Race 1 to Brest. GREAT Britain won second place, just 0.07 miles ahead of third place Qingdao.

Yesterday the decision was taken by the Race Director, Justin Taylor to shorten the first race course due to prevailing conditions. The fleet ceased racing at 1500 UTC yesterday and the provisional results are listed below.

In addition two teams received time penalties for infringing the Dover Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS). This resulted in Mission Performance and Old Pulteney slipping from potential podium places in second and third respectively to the bottom of the table. Documentary evidence will have to be reviewed on the fleets’ arrival to confirm positions and all the results will be confirmed later today.

The final provisional results are therefore as follows:

1. Invest Africa
2. Great Britain
3. Qingdao
4. Team Garmin
5. PSP Logistics
6. OneDLL
7. Switzerland
8. Henri Lloyd
9. Derry~Londonderry~Doire
10. Jamaica
11. Old Pulteney*
12. Mission Performance*

Invest Africa arrived Marina Du Chateau, Brest France at 0930 UTC (1130 Local time). The rest of the fleet are expected to arrive around 1300 UTC (1500 Local).