Race 3 Day 2: Different tactics play out as fleet splits into two

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It’s been a day of close racing with top four yachts GREAT Britain, Team Garmin, Jamaica Get All Right and PSP Logistics all grouped very closely together on a more northerly course as they head east, splitting away from the rest of the fleet.

The rest of the fleet is on a more southerly course, meaning their distance to finish is longer, but they hope to pick up more favourable winds within the next week.

Olly Cotterell, skipper of OneDLL, explains the tactical decision.

“On the Race Viewer, it does not appear like we are being competitive. I want to explain that there are some tactics in my madness.

“We are one of the most southerly yachts and because of this the distance we have made towards Cape Town appears less. However we should reap the rewards of more favourable winds later on. Other yachts are playing a different tactical card or just playing the same tactical card to a lesser degree. Who is right? Only time will tell.”

The crews are adjusting to life at sea again with consistent winds and some big waves and Leg 1 crew members helping new crew with sail changes.

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