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Race 9.1 has been shortened due to the variable wind conditions now being experienced by the remainder of the fleet that is still racing.  The forecast is for the wind to veer more behind the fleet, but also to die. Although this will allow a more direct course to be sailed to Qingdao, it will adversely affect speeds. Estimated times of arrival are already being affected. Shortening the course will prevent these slipping further and allow the teams to arrive in Qingdao to better prepare for Leg 6 (Race 10).

The teams have reported times at several waypoints which were included in the course instructions for Race 9.1 from Hong Kong to Qingdao to allow for the eventuality of shortening the course. The waypoint located adjacent to Shanghai in the East China Sea will now be used. This does not change the relative positions of the first three boats tha  finished today. A further four boats have already passed this waypoint and the revised elapsed times are as follows:

GREAT Britain – 5 days 6 hours 26 minutes

Derry~Londonderry~Doire – 5d 8h 30m

Mission Performance – 5d 18h 20m

Invest Africa – 6d 1h 25m

Switzerland – 6d 12h 48m

Qingdao – 6d 14h 50m

Team Garmin - 6d 19h 29m

Henri Lloyd, Old Pulteney and OneDLL are expected to cross the revised line within the next 24 hours. OneDLL could potentially achieve a shorter elapsed time than those that have already finished below third place, but the other two already have longer elapsed times.

The shortest elapsed time receives 12 points and will reduce accordingly in time order. Jamaica Get All Right and PSP Logistics have retired and will be awarded one point each.

The Clipper Race Tracker has been updated to reflect this change and new provisional elapsed times. It can be viewed here

The official verified results and points for Race 9.1 will be announced on 14 March.

For the latest revised ETAs into Qingdao click here